Know your style
“Style” is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.” - John Fairchild It is very difficult to define what exactly Style means because it is not like a certain trend or fashion, that fades. Each individual naturally has a sense of personal style, whether...

Latest Indian Gown Designs Trends For 2018

Latest Indian Gown Designs Trends For 2018 Hello gorgeous! If you’re trying to find the perfect gown for your Big day, cocktail or engagement party, keep reading. From...
How crystals heal you?

Crystals and Me~how Crystals healed me!!

Crystals are a great way to connect with yourself and our mother Earth. It's true that crystals have many special electrical, optical and mechanical...
Perfect you

5 Ways to choose the Perfect Sunglasses for your face?

As summer approaches, we all need a perfect pair of Sunglasses. A lot of trendy and stylish options are available these days and choosing the...
Look Slim and stylish

Do you want to Look Slim & Stylish? Find Out How!!

Determining your body shape is the first step in learning how to dress in a way that makes your body look its best. Every...
why to stop comparing yourself to others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others?

Do You Compare Yourself with Others? You dress up nicely for a party and you feel confident about yourself. But, as you arrive at the...

Fashion VS Style ! 7 Real Differences between fashion and style!

Most people think that fashion and style are the same thing and being fashionable means being stylish, which is not true at all. Anyone...
Mind, Body and Soul

Why Holistic Living is a New Age Living?

DO YOU WANT TO - -Be healthier? Be Happier? -Have unshakable self-confidence? -Have happy relationships? -Live a stable & peaceful life? HOLISTIC LIVING IS FOR YOU! Holistic Living is understood...
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